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How can shutters help you sleep?

 World Sleep day, yes you read that correct! Is celebrated worldwide on the Friday before the northern hemisphere vernal equinox. This year is falls on Friday 15th March.   This is an annual event that is organised by the World Sleep Day Committee. The aim for this is, is to highlight how important it [...]

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Wood or MDF Shutters?

So, you’ve made the commitment to transform your home with some perfect shutters, but now you have to choose between wood or MDF Shutters and you’re asking yourself where do I start? Shutup Shutters is here to shed some light on the differences between the two, as well as some of the advantages and disadvantages [...]

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5 reasons why Shutters are great in Summer

What a scorching Summer we are having this year! It’s hard to believe that just 4 months ago the country came to a standstill in several inches of snow. Naturally, the warm weather encourages people to head outdoors for Summer BBQs and festivals, but unfortunately it also brings the heat inside. In hotter countries, shutters [...]

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Do Shutters block out the light?

Time and time again, we get asked whether our shutters will block out the light or not? It’s understandable; the small gaps between the louvers allow you to assume that light will easily flow through, lighting up the room. Fortunately, this is not quite the case. Our shutters are created to fit the needs of [...]

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Summer shade & ventilation

Is your home starting to feel stuffy in the warmer summer days? Our shutters are perfect for the upcoming stuffy British Summertime. Not only does our stylish selection complement the majority of interiors, but also allow for good home ventilation, light control and summer shade. Our shutters are well-known for being great all year round; [...]

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Super Spring Sale!

Spring is just around the corner why not take advantage of our SUPER spring sale with 20% all of our shutter range. 🌸 For more information or to book in your FREE no obligation home design visit you can contact us by  ☎ 0800 634 9640 📧contact@shutup-shutters.co.uk 💻 contact-us **offer ends March 31st**

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Review Shutup Shutters on Google Maps

We have had lots of requests recently asking for information about our Google Maps listing. If you would like to review Shutup Shutters we have added an easy step by step guide below to help you achieve this. We greatly value all of the feedback that we receive from our customers. Firstly, it is crucial that [...]

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How To Review Shutup Shutters On Facebook

We love receiving feedback from our clients and if you are kind enough to leave us a few words on our Facebook page, the good news is that it couldn’t be much quicker and easier to do so.   All you need to do is make sure you are signed in to your personal FB [...]

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Which Will Be The Best Colour For My Shutters?

SHUTTER COLOURS White is the most popular colour for our shutters, they will go with everything regardless of how many times you change the colour scheme of your home. In reality, shutter colours can be any shade that you want, adding colour to your windows will still provide the wow factor as well as complimenting [...]

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What Makes Shutters Right For Your Property?

Do Plantation Shutters Add Value to Your Home? Do plantation shutters have value when selling a house is a question often asked. When selling, it is important to maximise its potential, especially in a market where there are more sellers than buyers. Your house needs to have that something special which makes it stand out from others.  [...]

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