Time and time again, we get asked whether our shutters will block out the light or not? It’s understandable; the small gaps between the louvers allow you to assume that light will easily flow through, lighting up the room. Fortunately, this is not quite the case. Our shutters are created to fit the needs of our customers, no matter the style of their home (or windows!).

Although it’s almost impossible to block all of the light from any room, shutters do a great job of blocking a substantial amount of light from coming into the room. Even with the gaps between the louvers, chances are our shutters will provide better blackout capability than most regular blinds and lightweight curtains. Unlike blinds and curtains, we build and fit shutters to fit your exact window frame, meaning that light is kept to a minimal, even around the edges.

One of the many benefits of shutters is that light can be controlled. Those gaps in the louvers that we mentioned earlier? You can control those, meaning that our shutters are an ideal solution for those not only looking to limit the amount of light-flow in a room, but also control it.

Shutters with larger slats and louvers tend to allow the most amount of light during the day, but also provide the biggest opportunity for a blackout when closed. This is because there are fewer slats and louvers, meaning fewer gaps for light to travel through. Our clients find that the level of light removed when larger louvres are closed is ideal for a good night’s sleep – or even afternoon nap! Thinner louvers mean there’s more space for light to get in, reducing the capability to stop light-flow.

We consider our interior shutters to be one of the most versatile window covering offerings on the market, and a very good option if you’re looking to take control of the light. Not only that, but they’re extremely attractive too. For more information or guidance regarding our shutters, feel free to drop the Shutup Shutters team a message!