Stylish Looks,
Under Lock and Key


Security with style – the perfect combination
Patented strip-proof Italian locks (with double key turn)
that operate locking bolts to secure both the top and the
bottom of the shutters simultaneously
A choice between a master key or multiple keys per order
Intruder resistant powder-coated top and bottom guide
system prevent shutters being lifted out of channels
We also offer a locking system accessible from both sides
of the shutter as an optional feature
Key features:
• 89mm louvres
• Available in satin white, charcoal
and custom colour
• Silent tilt – no visible tilt rod
• Available in hinged, bi-fold and
by-pass styles
• Patented Italian lock
• 5 year manufacturer warranty
(3 year for external shutters)
Suitable for:
• Indoor and outdoor use
• Room dividers
• Patio or conservatory doors
• More vulnerable windows

Gear tilt / Secret tilt:

• Easy smooth operation
• No visible tilt rods, providing more modern look
with unobstructed views.
• Problem free, long term operation
• Tested for +10 years’ worth of daily use

Overlapping / D-Mould stiles (interleafed):
• Reduces light gaps between shutter panels
• Improves security and privacy
Durable locks:
• Italian made strip proof locks.
• Choice to have a unique key per window / door
in a house, or the same key to open all shutters
within a house
• Option for the lock to be accessible from both
sides of the shutter, to be used on access doors
• Pull handle option for easy opening or stacking
of the shutters
• Double throw, locking up and down with 1 action
Powder coated aluminium:
• Architectural grade aluminium, powder coated
using world leading technology
• 3 standard colours, and custom colour options to
complement different colour schemes or décor
• Corrosion resistant
• Durable long-term finish with no colour fading
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Hard wearing finish, resistant to scratching and
• Suitable for interior or exterior use