Louvre & Tilt Rod Options

47 mm
Louvre Tilt Rod

63 mm
Louvre Tilt Rod

76 mm
Louvre Tilt Rod

89 mm
Louvre Silent Rod

Solid Panel

The size of louvre you choose is entirely up to a mix of your own personal choice, the suitability for the installation and the restrictions of the material you have selected. Depending on the material you choose our plantation shutters are available in the following widths:

47mm (Tilt Rods Only)
63mm (Silent Tilt or Tilt Rods)
76mm (Silent Tilt or Tilt Rods)
89mm (Silent Tilt or Tilt Rods)

Tilt Rods

All shutters, unless you have opted for solid panels, require an adjustment mechanism to enable you to temper the light to meet your requirements. The following options are the most common:

Centre or offset tilt rod

The tilt rod is the wooden bar that runs down either the centre or offset to the left or right of your shutter panels. It will be facing into the room and will only operate the louvre section it is attached to. For example: if you have opted for a privacy rail (mid-rail) then you will have a tilt rod fitted to each separated section of louvres.

Silent tilt mechanism (Most Ordered Option)

This option is available as an upgrade from 63mm upwards only. In this instance instead of an external tilt rod the louvre adjustment mechanism is placed within the style of each louvre section. To adjust the louvres you simply move one louvre to the position you want and the others will operate at the same time. Again though if you have opted for a privacy rail (mid-rail) then you will have an individual silent tilt mechanism fitted to each partitioned louvre section.

With this you also have the option of splitting the louvre location so you could have, just say half the louvres open while the other half closed and vise versa thus giving you privacy while letting in lots of daylight.