Bi Fold & Track System Shutters

Tracked shutters

Some interior windows and doorways are too large for regular wooden shutters. This is where Bi-Folding Shutters come into their own. They can open in two or more sections and are a great solution for hard to dress windows such as kitchen windows or French doors.

We also offer track system shutters. These provide the same effect but you are not restricted as to where your shutters can fold into position along the track, as the end panels are not hinged to the side of the frame. Track system shutters offer the same appeal as their Bi-Fold counterparts but instead of folding in a concertina fashion they actually are not hinged together but simply glide in front or behind each other, providing the required access.

Our Bi-Fold Shutters utilise hinges to fix multiple shutter panels together. These look fantastic when in-situ and should you wish to open your shutters, to access your window or patio door, each panel group will concertina together to the left or right. The width of each panel, when folded back, will protrude into your room and this is something that you and your surveyor will consider prior to installation.